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Officiant Services now Available!

Your Choice, Your Voice, Your Way.

That's right friends, yours truly has become an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church Ministry! I now have the credentials to perform WEDDING, COMMITMENT, and HAND BINDING ceremonies!!

I'm so excited to be able to offer such a personal, joyful, and extremely important service. It may be "all about the dress", but the ceremony is really the most pertinent part of your special day. 

Affordable packages are available for ceremony planning, ceremony music and ministry services, and Reception/Dance entertainment that will let you have money left over for the HONEYMOON!

Not all religions are equal...and in my opinion, religion isn't always needed in a ceremony uniting a couple in marriage. I grew up in a Lutheran family and still attend church regularly. I do not push my beliefs or religion on anyone, and believe we are all equal on this planet. I can easily adapt a memorable ceremony service to YOUR specifications, and will take the utmost care in the planning and execution of your special day. It's perfectly legal and binding (in Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois) for me to perform wedding ceremonies, and I can promise it's not something I take lightly. It will be personal and custom designed, made especially for you based on your love story and life. Religious or not, it's totally up to you.

I've always had a "knack" for writing and public speaking. (I usually have a microphone in my hand every weekend!) Coupled with the vast knowledge of different types of ceremonies, and endless information at my fingertips, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.  

Wisconsin Law:

765.16 Marriage contract, how made; officiating person. Marriage may be validly solemnized and contracted in this state only after a marriage license has been issued therefor, and only by the mutual declarations of the 2 parties to be joined in marriage that they take each other as husband and wife, made before an authorized officiating person and in the presence of at least 2 competent adult witnesses other than the officiating person. The following are authorized to be officiating persons: 765.16(1) (1) Any ordained member of the clergy of any religious denomination or society who continues to be an ordained member of the clergy. 765.16(2) (2) Any licentiate of a denominational body or an appointee of any bishop serving as the regular member of the clergy of any church of the denomination to which the member of the clergy belongs, if not restrained from so doing by the discipline of the church or denomination. 765.16(3) (3) The 2 parties themselves, by mutual declarations that they take each other as husband and wife, in accordance with the customs, rules and regulations of any religious society, denomination or sect to which either of the parties may belong. 765.17 Nonresident officiating person; sponsorship. Any member of the clergy, licentiate or appointee named in s. 765.16 who is not a resident of this state may solemnize marriages in this state if he or she possesses at the time of the marriage a letter of sponsorship from a member of the clergy of the same religious denomination or society who has a church in this state under his or her ministry. 765.19 Delivery and filing of marriage document. The marriage document, legibly and completely filled out with unfading black ink, shall be returned by the officiating person, or, in the case of a marriage ceremony performed without an officiating person, then by the parties to the marriage contract, or either of them, to the register of deeds of the county in which the marriage was performed within 3 days after the date of the marriage.