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Over the Moon Wedding Services

I LOVE weddings!!

When you decide that I am the best choice for your wedding, I am with you from start to finish. I customize the entire show according to how you want it, and make your special day even more spectacular!

The perfect wedding should be classy and fun, with carefully selected music to create the right ambiance. And of course, it should also reflect your style and personality.

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. I will do everything in my power to help you achieve the most enjoyable and memorable day. I believe in "quality" or "quantity", limiting myself to only one event on your day so that all of my energy will be focused into the success of your wedding.

I also believe in the personal approach. It's my job to help you in whatever way I can so that your wedding day is completely "worry free".  I am a full-service DJ and as such, I will act as your "day of" coordinator during your reception. I will be available to you throughout the planning process and will meet with you prior to your wedding day in order to get to know you better so that I can successfully deliver the wedding reception of your dreams.

If I'm your Officiant, I will work tirelessly to write the perfect, personalized ceremony. I want you to look back in twenty years, remembering that special moment with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes. Officiant Services also includes meeting with you, ceremony planning, Rehearsal and filing the license within the indicated time frame after the ceremony.

My extreme passion for music combined with an ever-expanding library enables me to work intimately with each of my clients to create the ideal music mix for even the most discerning of individuals.

Finally, I believe that a great party starts with great music, and that's exactly what I offer. Your guests will be talking about how much fun they had for years to come!

What is included in the very 

affordable price?

Every wedding is different, and being so, I will work with you on schedules, announcements, and of course music! Typically, I will play quiet background music for the dinner. That normally lasts anywhere from 1 1/2-2 hours. That includes cordless hand held microphones for the toasts. Then the dance would consist of 4 hours, where 

we'll do all of the "important stuff"..Your first dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dances, the bouquet and garter toss, and any other special dances you would like to add. The Grand March can be done either when you first arrive to the reception, before dinner, or immediately before the dance begins. Lights will be set up for the dance, creating a fun atmosphere for you and your guests. We can play some crowd-participation games too! It's your day, and together we will make it memorable and make sure your guests will be talking about what a blast they had!

Karaoke for a wedding?

If your heart is set on having karaoke at your wedding dance, then yes, it is available for you. However, it has been my experience that karaoke can take away from your "special day". Keep in mind that guests attending a wedding dance are expecting to, well, dance. And sometimes that's hard to do when a not-so-sober groomsmen is singing, "Let the Bodies Hit The Floor".

There are limits you can put on the karaoke, such as offering it later in the evening, and which songs will not be allowed. It is your wedding, so it's all up to you.

Karaoke is the only "extra" considered in the fee for a wedding. There is an additional charge of $300 that will be applied to your total.

Another option is to have karaoke after the rehearsal dinner! For any couple booking their wedding reception and dance with me, you will receive a special discount for the rehearsal dinner. That way you can have two fun filled nights with me for a great price!

One stop shop with no hidden fees bringing to life your vision!

**Affordable packages are available for ceremony planning, ceremony music and ministry services, plus Reception/Dance entertainment that will let you have money left over for the HONEYMOON!

MasterCard & Visa Accepted! 

(3% finance charge added)